Rainbow notes

Liquor and grapes... the candle turns to shreads, your velvet hand upon mine, your eyes caught my intentions, and your body require my heat... Stay here, at least this life.
---- Stay Here

Come, step inside, the door is not locked, well, even closed, the air is my alie, and sometimes he gives me news about you, today your perfume, i was craizy about it. Come in, please, that your weather was horrible, and here the sun is shinning and the rain is only like the rainforest ones, i won't lie, it was cold, but you and only you change that grey solutude into this... look at the walls and see your pictures in the marbel plaques... i missed you so much that i cannot give you a sit... forget the ice, here is warm, i was specting you, i turned on the TV... and i prepared the dinner, don't you cry, stop to suffer, i can't see you in that way, don't be sad, you have suffered enough... i�ll wash your tears with a kiss, smile.... and everything will be fine.
---- Come in

i found your dizzy movement of peace dealing inside the old jar in the kitchen. I didn't expect your smell all over the room, i catch your smile upon the mermelade and i say honey!, and then the bees, that i know you fear, started to turn into little roses, filling the air with a new strange fragancy... i think is the smell of your hair... i guess you are the one that is knokin' my door... come in, take a sit, the breakfast is here!
---- Hurtpiness

Look up, the breeze cut your thoughts like an ancient warrior truing to win a battle, this battle, it's inside, any one could see an inhert fae doing his things, but inside some of the biggest, raw, ugly and powerful wars explode to change the ways of live. See the little sofocated tree alone in the middle of the ocean forgotten, dry and empy at the end, just smiling with 5 leafs on it. Inner wars came to change your mind, and propose new ways of live, when the sun burns, and the wind freeze you up. I closed the ruins of the glorious past, as Rome is closed to the vulgar people, the war is not reach his end, but i now exaclty Who will die, and who not. Thanks for all.
---- Arise Heart to the senseless people. Mind to the Foolish ones. Love to the Haters. Forgiveness to the losers

Recollection 1
When i wake up, the essence of dry roses are caught in the right hand of my heart shaped lock, if theres a memory that i have still after the memento concil, is the smile and the voices... What are that memories now? nothing more than faded birds in an old steal cage... without sences but one.

Recollection 2
Miss the shinning star upon the rusty shell of wisdom, i never meant to be other than me, if this attempt of faith and peace is just a way to wash away your enemy... i need to lose your name, but i think you can't lose mine.

Recollection 3
It's strange the shadow in the room, it looks blue... it's strange becuase there's no light over here, it's strange because is not mine, i think this room is always getting you from wherever you were, i don't want to touch it, becuase i don't want it to lose it, i think you know that feeling.

---- 3 Recollections

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3 reasons:

pUpPe dijo...

Feliz año my dear!
Los mejores deseos, hoy y siempre.
Sabes que se te quiere mucho, gracias por otro año más de amistad :D

desc0cada dijo...

ya actualiza esto, no mames.

pUpPe dijo...

Ohhh, ya postea, no? :(
Besos y abrazos :)


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