Trying to

Drums, with a slow and slightly rhythm

Trying to get some piece of soul
Trying to keep some piece of mind
Trying to get inside
and never calm down the sound

Drums in me
They sing for me
Fading away as they get some of your rhythm
Rails, some of your strings
Flavors, sounds, and smells
flowers in magenta... always yours, love and kisses in a box

Drums, drums everywhere

Trying to get inside you
Trying to make you dance
Trying to keep you inside

What's the price?

just a smile, the heat of your naked skin, and your sex in my mouth
I can tell you a story, a nasty story
As you turn me on with your things
mermelade in your voice, Fire in your belly
Come down and show me your secret
honey juice in my tongue, faith in my dive
make me your slave as you turn me into your pet
chocolate in your wet lips, sugar in your tongue moves

Try to scape
Try to get me
Try to run away
Tru to stop me

as i play a song that you wrote
as i touch your inmaculate body once again
I wrote the part that i love you
you live in centuries now

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Anónimo dijo...

iám read all this page of your poem and i think that you really inlove and is beautiful all you can feel from this special person in your heart i hope that some day i found some one who really love me like you, all i cant said that i hope you found at the correct people i dont want that you have one dissapoint of this people because your really make me feel sad, God bless you always and take care with yourself :)


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