Style is a word to describe something that I am not... I open the bottle of juice just to see the liquid waves dancing all over the recipient, maybe is this lack of thirst that it`s tired to consume a bit of my soul this time, maybe is that fly trying to scape from the invisible shield that we call window, maybe is the dust covering my pillow.

I took a cookie... and I delete it from my system, we don't need another porn site in our computer, not now, not when your life is gettting better all the time. Day by day all this shit is turning into a great landscape that is not smelling like boring. Change the wallpaper and put some flowers in magenta for her this time.

Style is a word to describe something that i have... I open our book just to remember your love and drinking you alive, your heart is beating inside, the guitarr is yelling me because this day I learn to fly

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pUpPe dijo...

Mi rey de chocolate! Eres de los elegidos para ver mi blog, juar!
Neto, espero que nos veamos pronto. Te extraño un chingooooooooooo!
Cuando vienes? Pk yo creo que voy hasta enero :(
Besos y abrazos :D


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