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This is a little sad post... even when i'm feeling happy, rememberig things in your past you noticed that all the bad days make your present self... We not depend in our past, is sad to start a live pretending that we are children trying to conquer the playground... we need to conquer ourselfs, growing up, and tasting the life as hard as it comes.

This afternoon I remembered the persons that changed my life so radically, some of them are living constantly inside, making some of my hard ways into amazing structures to my life... some pics, some lyrics... Time passing by your head in a second, feeling all younger than the sun, happines touch your chic as a bad breath oldman trying to be nice to you, showin' you that this life is more funnny and thin when you have the expirience to comprehend that this life doesn't give a shit

I've never heard anything about Van Morrison, until she came and turned everything on

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4 reasons:

Un Mal Amigo dijo...

what you talking 'bout willis?

Desc0cada dijo...

tu dile que si...

ohh dios, cómo lo extraño! snif..

Un Mal Amigo dijo...


...déjalo ir, si regresa es tuyo, si no nunca... b8

Anónimo dijo...

ah sigue los consejos sabios de tua amigos :)


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