Talking with God

I couldn't sleep, 3 am and the dark early morning makes me think in the mistery of Death and the glowing mud in the streets, i took the keys and went out to find a little solace in the middle of the night, my steps guide me to the old soccer field and God was on there playing at the Goal mark with that goofy glasses on his head, he saw me and threw me a stone in the chest... i met him at the Goal area he bag me like a child just to play with him, we were playing until 4 am, he was tired, and we climb the old water tower, to meat his Sun, he is always exited by the sunset, After his ritual he took me the shoulder and told me "This is a good day for been heart broken isn't?"... i didn't understand that, maybe i would deny his existence or goonna kill someone, "Look at the Horizon, how many people lives on this earth, and you only can love one so madly", he turned his head to look at me, i got down the tower just wondering that words, god is sarcastic, he gave me a weak heart and some bad genes.

12pm i'm at the office... numb for a while... but still breathing

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