Lazy, Crazy too, well today was one of those days that i need to erease from my mind, maybe i´m on my UAYEB period, now all i need is a big kiss from Rachel, a Canon Camera to caught this strange moment when the flies are chocking like rain drops at the window, a teletransport kit to sleep in Tennessee every night and never get late at work, the "Practical Guide to Draw Dead Bodies" by Ashton Davison, A Justin Sweet Class, a very honest Advice, another heart to expand this feeling, The Alberto Ruy Sanchez collection. I found some things that i needed, that yellow ereaser for chacroals, My Lap, My Depressions, and a forgotten bill dancing in the street, That's enough for painful things!!!!, i don't need anything more than my Doctor. I will post somethings in English and Spanish, yeap, with that horrible English, something about my life and feelings, so, Spanish Speaker Friend (SSP) if there's nothing important to translate.

I was talking with my monkey and some of my draws need to be posted, like this Egg, the Huevon. Huevon means Lazy, in Mexican Lingo, I'm tired and lazy, so much of my work is still on scraps, i really want to finish some ideas, but i have no time, and Internet as you can see, steal me a lot of pressius time, i'll post drawings and scraps too, i want to fill some of this space with colours, that's why the change of style.

About the new style, i loved that green yelling one, but i need some neutral colors to post my images, PSCOLOGICAL tenderness :P

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