5 Da Faiv, Five, Cinco, Cinq, Fünf, Cinque, Vijf, пять, fem, 五,

Please, wake me up, ´cause i find Rachel so gorgeous and naive that i would kill for her, a dame to kill for, there's the time when i feel with the Marv disguise and kill everything that hurt her, but i'm not that badass, i'm not that silent and mercyless prick to do that, but i would kill for her.

Is not about the attention and you know it, it's about the linkage of the distance, that security that brings the million of milles away that produces to you some kind of peace. I'm Scared, i'm starting to feel that i'm not right, that i need new airs, that i "need" something to live for.

Marv have 5 reasons to kill all those army:
  1. Goldie was the only person that love him
  2. He owned the biggest heart that i ever imageined even to write on a character
  3. He have nothing left to lose
  4. He always could die in the past, maybe for money, for friendship, but love
  5. Goldie was his reason to live
About the love inside the pools of blood, maybe this is a bad post about someone justify himself to love or die for it, but i like the drama in this stained place. "No room to get away, no room to unexpress a feeling" someone said to me yesterday, i'm feeling down and shinny, so i needed to put it right here.

only 5 post since now, 5 seconds, 5 steps, 5 dreams, 5 times.

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