Last two Hours

She made me scape and i took her smile all over myself like it was a fulgurant elixhir to my sadest play; I imagine my life into that sweet world called (i need to hide it) "her", the species, the waterfalls in her eyes, the roughness of her insecurity, the pink nightmares, that's only one proove of the reign of desire you.

For one moment i feel like my life was droping down through the abandon and cold shape of an ice cube, I dreamed myself frozen into a drink just to life for your meaningless cause... being fresh... but i see her again, and i gain that poor thing that they used to name it Love; i feel atracted by her personality, i don't know why i need to protect someone else from fears, the same fears that i got in my mind, you are my God and my Demon all at the same time, healing me while she's hurting me et viceversa, endless chaos that's being under her spell.

She made me scape from a layer of my doubts, step one or three of six of the thousand of layers upon, i just took her smile... and I cared of her as my presius dream that no one could ever had, i loved her white and sof hands, her eyes, her thoughts, but it's just my sadest play, and my last two hours of life... i just wanted to say to her goodbye.

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