Blow out

And at the end of the day i feel like i was crying all day long. i feel that Sence of sorrow and emptyness, like you were crying hard for something bad or vain, the sence that press your chest and makes you crumble for an eternity.

Round here, when the air fade out by the words of oblivion, beneath the full moon's light in the center of an empty corridor i can see al the shame and yellow faces laugh at me.

That's the depression to me, feeling it in every moment, i can face it with prudence, with hope or ignorence, but it always take me and drive me apart, and then comes the need to be alone... Sometimes the depression explodes for a specific situation, this time it blows for another girl reason... i hate such feelings, when you feel alone and you need to be loved for a reason and when the love comes to you... you destroy it.

I'm alone, i like to be alone, but it's a torture feel the lonelyness streight to you, drink tear by tear that suffer that makes you fall apart, makes you down, makes you die.

I wake up always at 6:30 am, with a terrible head ache, when i think about death theres a sound that comes to anywhere and pull me up like a vertigo sence, that sound corrupts my body, like a little needles all over my body making my head turn to shreads by that head ache... 7am and the sun is up, the light enter to my eyes hurting me, once stand up the beggining of the routine of this empty life covers me with her cold and wet courtin.

I'm nothing, i`m just a box... A broken box

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