I wish I was

All of us in some part of our life are caught by the power of the monotony, the path of our freedom it's banned, unreachable by the mortals, when you woke up and you feel the the room stained by an extrange presence, some kind of monster that bites you little by little, and lets you alone bleeding insight, taking a burden around you... monotony the little hurt in the core of your time.

But, in someway this "normality" changes in a little while. If you dream about an angel, that comes from the sky and spent the day with you, that angel gives you joy and hapiness, and when the darkness comes you fights for her, in the middle of the combat she left, but not to leaving, because inside you she places all the passion that brought with her smile. You wake up in the early of the mornig, and the sun shines with a fabulous halo, a different one, you smell the air with a rare fragance that makes you be happier and so comfortable, you get up and the view at the window it´s so placent and nourishing, you close your eyes and the angel keeps smiling at you. This gonna be a perfect week

I wish i was the angel that fix your mind in a worried day, i wish i was this dream into you so i can clear up your negativity, and being the smile that brokes your monotony, as the way you broke mine, every day.

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